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VPLOT more details..


Here some details.

The pen-lift function is based on a “Micro Mini Servo SG37 ” , I bought two for about 7€ from Ebay. With hot-glue I attached a part of a “loose-leaf-binder” as a quick-and-dirty solution for the function prototype. Some plywood and osb-board do the rest ..

The motor holder is a simple holder from the Do-it-yourself-shop ( German: Obi Baumarkt ) , it is a holder for wooden-beams, I used some brackets so that i could see the motors -normally they are not needed, only a few Euros,

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VPLOT vertical plotter project




This a first view of my new vertical-plotter-project VPLOT.  A first try to test the concept. I am using two servo motors BG65x25Ci which are controlled via CANopen Bus. The motors are hanging on the wall besides my computer in about 2,30m heigth the distance is about 0,76m. I use some fishing-line. To lift the pen I use a mini-servo with 20x25mm size. I made small electronics with a PIC12F683 processor which converts the 24V- digital-output signal of the motor to a adjustable position to push the pen away from the wall as a “pen-up”

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The Kritzler

Also a nice vertical plotter “Der Kritzler”

More infos on : Tinkerlog

PS: I started to make my own vertical plotter , more later.

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Hektor – Spray Robot

( sorry the original video was withdrawn )

I think this “Hektor” spraying machine was the inspiration of some similar and newer designs and concepts.

The homepage of hektor :

The documentation is here : hektor-pdf

It is a kind of Graffiti-Robot, really cool. The spray mechanic seems to be a weak point – how can this be improved ? ….

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Drawing Machines

Look out for “Drawing Machine” on YouTube – fascinating !

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PolarGraph Drawing Machine

Eventhough my own project is stopped, I’m still interested in PlotRobots. This PolarGraph is an interesting and plain simple concept !

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Project Stop


sorry that I didn’t continue this in the moment. I am currently working on some other very interesting projects – I’ve to many ideas 😉

What I once want to do next here is to make an exact position control – maybe I have to pimp-up the sensors because as I recognize you can not detect in which direction the wheels are really turning – maybe a 2 channel wheel sensor will be necessary.

Regards Dieter

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HPGL Plotting Robot

By chance I found yesterday this youtube video of a real plotting robot, which is plotting HPGL on huge paper. According to the video the robot is in industrial use – really cool. Is there a laser measurement system ?

I am wondering if our Arduino-Robot can do the same once in a day .. YES HE CAN !

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Arexx 04 – motor control

In the little freetime I found the last days, I read a first book about the Arduino in german called “Arduino Praxiseinstieg by Bruehlmann” .

Then I analysed the motor control function of the motor contol ic L293D. It’s pretty simple. There are some enable inputs on the ic witch are constantly on plus and for that always enabled. For every motor there is a so called H-Bridge, so that every pin of the motor has one half bridge, which means one switch to + and one switch to ground. Two motors, four pins.

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AREXX AAR 04 first steps

Arexx AAROBOT AAR-04 – the new arduino robot – the first steps . This is the test program delivered with the Robot Kit “_04_move.ino” which you can find in the examples directory and which you have to load via USB into the robot.

Name project: Example 4, RP6 Motor control
Author: Egbert Koerhuis
Company: Arexx Engineering
This Example Program shows how to control the Motors.
Make sure that the AAR can __NOT__ move when uploading the program!
After uploading the program, the AAR will wait 2 seconds before the program start.

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