Monthly Archives: December 2016

Dobot M1: Pro Robotic Arm

Actually there is a big hype on  KICKSTARTER dobot-m1-pro

A very  inspiring idea to build an  Robot-Arm in this robust way –  0.02mm repeatability and 1.5kg payload are some highlights.  The company has already a successful kickstarter project behind them with a simpler construction. They looked for 75 supporter and have already 150 –  Full suppported in less than one day –   and there are 37 more days to go !

The concept with the changeable heads is not really new, it’s rather a trend – whats really nice is the complete and round family concept.  

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HIVE – Project

I am always looking for alternative systems,  simpler,  easier – with an  WOW! effect. Here one example from 2014.

HIVE – A kind of minimalistic self-construction computer with 3 Parallax propeller chips. Per chip 8 processors == 24 processors each 32 bit-wide , so you have 3 x 160Mips – a lot of computing power – but only little RAM.  With minimal effort you have a TV or VGA graphics, sound, mouse and keyboard. A simple program runs in minutes. There is the SPIN programming language, FORTH and BASIC. A kind of hypermodern retro computer

HIVE was initially developed by   Ingo Kripahle alias drohne235 and published by him as an open-source project. 

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