Kinematic Sculptures

Reuben Margolin – Kinematic Sculptures
On saturday morning we usually take a bit more time in bed until we stand up, there I have my most ideas and inspirations – I am awake to nearly the normal time, but then I’m daydreaming until my wife is awake. Deep relaxed I have often a burst of ideas and visions, I am able to dive deep into a matter or theme – sometimes I have to switch on my mobile and write down the ideas, because I can’t wait and don’t want to loose the ideas.

This weekend I thought a lot about Technical-Design-Objects, wood-made or based on other pure-natural-material, which already exists 200 years ago – and most important absolute no plastic and other artificial material. Combining old and new wisdom is always a thing which interests me. What about applying modern techniques to natural ‘old’ material? Tech and Beauty, Tech and Art other aspects ..

Looking for things which are already existing I found the beautiful Kinematic Sculptures of Reuben Margolin , very inspiring.

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