Things that gain from disorder

Antifragile – Things that gain from disorder

Antifragile is a great book with a number of interesting new ideas. The German subtitle means “Instructions for a world we do not understand” .

In one sentence, a fragile glass falls to the ground and shatters – a antifragile glass falls to the ground, doesn’t break and is even getting stronger through this. Other Examples :

Antifragile :

  • Open to unforeseen incidents
  • Estimation of errors, because here they are small and insignificant
  • Tinkering with random Try
  • Taxi drivers, Artisans
  • Decentralized Systems
  • Well read
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Silicon Valley
  • Acute stress followed by extended recovery periods
  • Small and not specialized
  • Adventurer, Hobbyists
  • Debt Free
  • Immune to incorrect predictions
  • In case of illness, instead of adding medicine, letting things away
  • Changes – instead of always constant
  • No compromises
  • Things which have long endures
  • Small loads, Stressors
  • Investments: 90% absolutely sure, 10% high risk
  • Sometimes procrastination
  • The nature

I’ve read the 600 pages + 100 pages annex in a few evenings – super exciting and very inspiring.

A completely new way of seeing things and life, thoughts:

  • What is getting better and more beautiful when getting older?
  • What has long stock and will exist for a long time?
  • The beauty of used goods and facilities, patina ..
  • Bones are reinforced at stress – Unused they get weaker
  • What is fun and interesting ?
  • Against conventional schools
  • No pampering – not putting everything away from children
  • A lot is found and discovered by accident
  • Recognize opportunities and benefits!

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