VPLOT vertical plotter project




This a first view of my new vertical-plotter-project VPLOT.  A first try to test the concept. I am using two servo motors BG65x25Ci which are controlled via CANopen Bus. The motors are hanging on the wall besides my computer in about 2,30m heigth the distance is about 0,76m. I use some fishing-line. To lift the pen I use a mini-servo with 20x25mm size. I made small electronics with a PIC12F683 processor which converts the 24V- digital-output signal of the motor to a adjustable position to push the pen away from the wall as a “pen-up” function. The PC-Software is based on a python script, I wrote some basic functions for lines and circles (based on my OnoGraphic project ), which controls the motor via simple “Move-to-position” commands.

The paper on the first photo is size A3 ( about 0,3m x 0,4m ) . The drawing speed is slow, the pen-holder hanging on the lines is very unstable, but that doesn’t matter. The accuracy is quite good. Next I want to write a converter for svg-graphics to this first function-prototype.

I think with counter-weights on the bottom of the holder I would be able to increase the stability and the speed, but that doesn’t matter, yet.

On the top the circles are a bit unsymmetrical, later I need some corrections for that.

But over all I’m very happy about the good results in this early stage ..

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