PC-Audio-Output as an Interface

Today the most interfaces to the PC are USB based.

A few days ago I stumbled over the idea to use the soundcard audio-output as programming interface :

Hackaday – Programming an Arduino using your sound card

Elektor Audio Bootloader – Controller Programmierung per Soundkarte

The connector is simple and standard, you need only two wires – a good idea for a cheap and simple interface for programming – but not only … let’s extrapolate this a bit:

You could use it also for control purposes, for example for the PlotRobot.

  • via a wire – a wire remote control – as a first step
  • via infrared – like in your TV-remote control
  • via sound – why not? – maybe with nice tones ..

Further extensions are thinkable – maybe the PlotRobot can send himself back to the PC – maybe you can use the microphone-input in the same way …

Would be funny listening to the PlotRobot and the PC tweeting to each other 🙂

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