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UGEARS a perfect gift

UGEARS eye-catching and imaginitive self-propelled wooden mechanical model kits that can be assembled without glue

Since I saw this models the first time on Instagram I’m fascinated. A perfect gift I read somwhere and that’s it ! Perfect for old and young.  The idea is great,  to laser-cut precision mechanical parts out of wood , that precise that they fit perfect into each other, like a precise puzzle !  There aready some models available and the future possibilities are endless.

In the meantime you can get the UGEARS models on several places.

Here the link to the original shop:

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Culture of Repair


We were just back from our holidays in South Tyrol, the day before yesterday we visited the book-store “Buchladen Lana”, there we bought some souvenirs for the family. In contrast to our usual purchases at Amazon it was a nice ambient and we could take time to get some inspirations and for the look and “feel” of the books. First I didn’t want to buy this interesting book, but then there was quite a long que before the check out and I turned around and took it with me – for under 10€ – a lucky stroke as it turned out.

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Kinematic Sculptures

Reuben Margolin – Kinematic Sculptures
On saturday morning we usually take a bit more time in bed until we stand up, there I have my most ideas and inspirations – I am awake to nearly the normal time, but then I’m daydreaming until my wife is awake. Deep relaxed I have often a burst of ideas and visions, I am able to dive deep into a matter or theme – sometimes I have to switch on my mobile and write down the ideas, because I can’t wait and don’t want to loose the ideas.

This weekend I thought a lot about Technical-Design-Objects,

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How to be an Imperfectionist


About the book How to be an Imperfectionist from Stephen Guise. Quote:

Change what you care action

  • Don’t care about results. Care about putting in the work.
  • Don’t care about problems. Care about making progress despite.
  • Don’t care what other people think.
  • Care about what you want to be and what you want to do.
  • Care less about doing it right. Care about doing it at all.
  • Don’t care about failure. Care about success.
  • Don’t care about timing.

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Things that gain from disorder

Antifragile – Things that gain from disorder

Antifragile is a great book with a number of interesting new ideas. The German subtitle means “Instructions for a world we do not understand” .

In one sentence, a fragile glass falls to the ground and shatters – a antifragile glass falls to the ground, doesn’t break and is even getting stronger through this. Other Examples :

Antifragile :

  • Open to unforeseen incidents
  • Estimation of errors, because here they are small and insignificant
  • Tinkering with random Try
  • Taxi drivers,

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Peter Thiel co-founded Paypal, he was born in Frankfurt in 1967 and is now a venture capitalist. His book  Zero-to-One arose from a lecture for start-ups. It is refreshingly different and sometimes delightfully provocative – his tips for startups and other entrepreneurs:

  • Monopolies are good – too much competition is bad
  • Start small
  • Search a market niche  – expand the market later
  • Avoid the competition wherever possible
  • Be 10 times better than what is currently available – in best case
  • Everything happens only once, 

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VPLOT more details..


Here some details.

The pen-lift function is based on a “Micro Mini Servo SG37 ” , I bought two for about 7€ from Ebay. With hot-glue I attached a part of a “loose-leaf-binder” as a quick-and-dirty solution for the function prototype. Some plywood and osb-board do the rest ..

The motor holder is a simple holder from the Do-it-yourself-shop ( German: Obi Baumarkt ) , it is a holder for wooden-beams, I used some brackets so that i could see the motors -normally they are not needed, only a few Euros,

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VPLOT vertical plotter project




This a first view of my new vertical-plotter-project VPLOT.  A first try to test the concept. I am using two servo motors BG65x25Ci which are controlled via CANopen Bus. The motors are hanging on the wall besides my computer in about 2,30m heigth the distance is about 0,76m. I use some fishing-line. To lift the pen I use a mini-servo with 20x25mm size. I made small electronics with a PIC12F683 processor which converts the 24V- digital-output signal of the motor to a adjustable position to push the pen away from the wall as a “pen-up”

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The Kritzler

Also a nice vertical plotter “Der Kritzler”

More infos on : Tinkerlog

PS: I started to make my own vertical plotter , more later.

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Hektor – Spray Robot

( sorry the original video was withdrawn )

I think this “Hektor” spraying machine was the inspiration of some similar and newer designs and concepts.

The homepage of hektor :

The documentation is here : hektor-pdf

It is a kind of Graffiti-Robot, really cool. The spray mechanic seems to be a weak point – how can this be improved ? ….

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